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Anne wakes up to a silent, empty house. She can’t remember what happened to her.
The only familiar face is Akidearest, a famous YouTuber whose videos helped Anne through her darkest days. 
Now, Akidearest needs Anne’s help.

To escape, Anne is forced to explore the rooms in the house and come to terms with the most painful choices of her past. However, she’s not alone.

A horrible creature wanders around and follows her every step… will Anne be able to get out?

unfollow elisa true crime (3)

"UNFOLLOW is a surreal, hyper-realistic horror game that puts you in the shoes of a bullying victim, exploring the disturbing impact of social media on mental health."

"Unfollow" Cast


Cast & Crew


as Anne
Content creator who aspires to fame and notoriety. Always insecure about her abilities and appearance, in the course of play she traces the most important stages of her life. From an early age, she has had a very artistic personality, and has devoted herself to painting and creating handicrafts. Unfortunately, this side was never appreciated by her parents, particularly her mother, who always insisted that she focus on studying.

L'Occhio Creepy

as Grace
She has been Anne's best friend since elementary school. Over the years. she has always encouraged and supported her friend in her journey as a creator. She has a great passion for card games and role-playing games.

Kin Ryan

as Josh
Anne's friend since school days, in high school the two become a couple. During high school. he takes a study vacation to Korea, but despite the distance he has always been there for Anne and ready to help her. He loves music and has written a song for Anne.

Elisa True Crime

as Elisa
Content Creator specializing in True Crime. Thanks to her knowledge, she has become one of the most followed creators on the platform in only a short time. A reference point for fans in the industry, she is very successful. Anne knows this, and follows her closely.

Barbascura X

as Barbascura
Scientist famous for his column, "The Animal in You". He gives interesting food for thought with his documentaries. Anna gets to know him through her friend Grace. Face: Barbascura X"

Violetta Rocks

as Ella
Content creator specializing in cooking. She has been publishing recipe videos and teaching her subscribers how to cook and eat well for years. Anne is a lifelong fan of hers.


as Leo
The third member of the bully trio, he has been teasing Anne for years. His motto: "Do it to others before they do it to you."

Marion Blue

as Charlotte
Leader of a trio of bullies who have made Anne's life hell for years. Stubborn, aggressive and jealous, she has targeted the protagonist for her looks and her relationship with Josh, sending Rob and Leo after her.


as Rob
Along with Charlotte and Leo, he has been bullying Anne for years. He is definitely not the smartest of the three, and carves out his own space by cracking jokes and making fun of those around him.




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