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First-person horror game.

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Anne doesn’t remember how she ended up in that place when she opens her eyes: the sound of a click is all that comes to her mind before dark. She finds herself in a huge villa where silence, darkness, and fear reign. Trying to find the courage to move between those cold walls, she faces the various puzzles the house puts in front of her to continue on her path, desperately trying to find a way out. But along with the search for a solution for what is in front of her, it seems that at place also pushes her to face her past. Between photos, recordings, and pages of her diary, Anne will have to relive the most significant moments of her life: moments she believed, or hoped, to have left behind, studded with fears and insecurities.


While exploring those inhospitable rooms, however, she warns that she is not alone: a dark presence seems to chase her, observing her in silence, and every time Anne approaches the solution of an enigma that can lead her to freedom, the presence becomes more vivid and dangerous. In that cursed place, however, the girl is not the only prisoner: other people have been trapped there like her, and the girl will try her best to find a way to give them freedom. This game that dusts off the classic horror genre, where fears, reality, and mystery blend together, follows Anne on her path to freedom. Or what she hopes could be...

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